RFK 2017 Club Program only $150

*U.S Kids full set of properly fitted golf clubs

*Golf Balls

The Annual Club Program Includes

*U.S Kids Golf Bag w/ RFK Logo

*RFK Bag Tag

About RFK

Our nonprofit organization provides important YOUTH annual player development golf programs to help kids have fun on-course playing opportunities all while providing them affordable resources to use during their experience.  These critical development programs better connect kids locally to the game and help establish essential golf  FUNDAMENTALS.


Helping grow junior golf by introducing and continually educating kids about the game of golf through affordable and resourceful youth player development programs.


An affordable, resourceful, professional, and fun youth developmental golf program is our vision to any junior wanting to play the game.


Teeing up our mission and driving that passionate vision down the fairway inspiring 3 important values.


We educate kids how to respect their golf instructor, equipment, golf course and each other.  This value goes hand in hand with other important character lessons they will also learn through golf like responsibility.


It’s important the juniors have fun during their time on the golf course.  We teach the kids how to appreciate the experience and how to overcome tough situations they may run into on and off the golf course.


Our annual player development programs incorporate important educational curriculum covering golf rules, equipment, course etiquette and much more during your juniors golf experience with RFK.

2015 Denver Golf Expo Rounds Fore Kids Pitching Lessons

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