Fundamentally it is important to provide properly fitted golf equipment to them every year as they grow.  Rounds Fore Kids created this Annual Club Program to provide those needed resources to your junior and save money during their golf experiences as they continue to enjoy golf.

The 2018 RFK Annual Club Program will include a full set of U.S Kids properly fitted golf clubs, U.S Kids Golf bag w/ RFK logo, RFK bag tag, and golf balls for $150 (new members) or $75 (existing members)

 This annual player development program has been created to have a dedicated place to rent fitted golf equipment.  Once your child has grown out of the fitted U.S Kids golf clubs, return them to trade up to the next size.

This annual Club Program will save your family an average $137 every year on equipment, and will provide your junior the needed resources to start playing golf on day one, and continue playing golf year to year. 

We use consistent and quality golf equipment for our RFK Club Program.  U.S Kids Golf properly fits by height not age.  We provide all 9 U.S Kids Golf sizes for our Club Program including a carry bag ranging from 39″ inches up to 63″ inches.

Our team is continually adding other golf resources as the program continues to grow year to year.  These extra resources will include golf instruction, rounds of golf, golf balls, tees, towel, divot fixer and much more.  Our team wants your junior to be connected with the right resources to open his/her golf bag and be ready to have fun from day one!

The 2018 Annual Club Program includes a full set of U.S Kids properly fitted golf clubs, U.S Kids Golf bag w/ RFK logo, RFK bag tag, and golf balls for

$150 (new members)

Trade up the outgrown golf clubs to the next size year to year for only $75 (existing members)

This year clubs need to be returned to Rounds Fore Kids or re-rented for $75 by March 1, 2018

Registration takes 10 minutes to complete.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding RFK player development programs please reach Coach Rick at (303) 204-7331

It’s fundamentally important that you measure your junior’s height by total inches to ensure a proper fit.  Please do not estimate their height in the application.